Santiago de Compostela

After two years that I update my site, adding photos in various activities I practice, some friends asked me: “Why you don’t write anything? During your pilgrimage to Santiago, didn’t you write a diary? Could you give some advises and tips on how to organize the path? So here’s the new look of the site, which incorporates a new one, separately and independently managed and dedicated to the journey. I hope it looks more complete now, more interesting and can be helpful to new pilgrims. Enjoy the reading!

Why the walk?

I must admit that it was more curiosity than anything else. Whereas in my life I’ve travelled a lot around the world in recent years, I realize more and more to appreciate Europe. The topic “camino de Santiago de Compostela” was increasing in popularity in the media, and I said: “I’d better go and experience it by my self before they introduce a two-lane trail!”